2021 Honda Pioneer 1000 Deluxe Honda Phantom Camo

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2021 Honda® Pioneer 1000 Deluxe Honda Phantom Camo®


With so many side-by-sides to choose from these days; how do you pick the right one? Easy—because with a Honda Pioneer; you can’t go wrong. They’re machines you can count on for work or play; each one offering smart technology; superior materials; and refined engineering.

Our three-seat; top-of-the-line trio—the Pioneer 1000; Pioneer 1000 Deluxe; and Pioneer 1000 Limited Edition—give you a wide range of features and economy that are sure to be right for you. Need more seating? Make sure you check out our five-seat Pioneer 1000-5 models. Best of all; every Pioneer features something that doesn’t show up on the spec chart; but which nobody else can offer: Honda’s unrivaled reputation for reliability and quality.

Features may include:


  • i-4WD

The Pioneer 1000 Limited Edition showcases our exclusive i-4WD system. Think “I” for “Intelligent;” because that’s exactly what it is. An industry-first brake-traction control system for side-by-sides; it simplifies operation; increases drivability and optimizes traction. Using proven; advanced technology from Honda’s automotive division; you get the benefits associated with a locked front differential with none of the downsides. That means it maintains front-wheel traction even if one wheel wants to spin on ice or mud or if it’s in a hole. But at the same time; you get the lighter steering; better tracking at high speeds; tighter turning radius; and reduced kickback associated with unlocked front differentials.


The brain of the DCT; Advanced Transmission Logic; senses how you drive and adapts. Relaxed drivers get earlier shifts for a quieter ride at lower engine speeds. Sportier drivers will hold each gear longer for higher RPM shifts. And when going downhill; you get true engine braking. Now that’s a smart transmission.



When you know the power you need is always at the ready; every drive is an enjoyable experience. And that’s precisely what you get out of the class-leading 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin. Using the same Unicam® cylinder head design found in our motocross bikes; it’s more compact in size; and it still delivers the kind of horsepower and torque you’d expect from a flagship model.


Call it 2000 pounds; or call it 1 ton. Either way; the towing capacity of the Pioneer 1000 is unsurpassed by any competitor. So instead of hopping on the tractor or taking out the truck; you can stay right in your side-by-side and tackle those bigger jobs with relative ease.



Prepare to go further than ever before. Our refined chassis enables you to tackle terrain others would shy away from; with larger tires; long-travel independent front and rear suspension and huge ground clearance. The rubber mounted engine and exhaust system insulates against excessive vibration.


Practically speaking; the 27-inch tires on 12-inch rims help increase ground clearance; improve ride comfort; and deliver better traction. Realistically speaking; they just look great. And on Deluxe models; you get Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires with radial construction and premium style.



There are a ton of reasons to buy a Pioneer 1000. Among them: the half-ton hauling capacity*. No side-by-side can haul more; and when it comes to dumping; we’ve made it easier than ever; with a hydraulic assist tilt bed lever that can be accessed from outside the vehicle; or right from the driver’s seat.

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